The following post is brought to you by Scotch & Hound. We’re very paw-ticular about our partners and only feature those we think are top dog.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some fun gifts for your one true Valentine: your dog! We’ve rounded up 14 sweet gifts any pup would love:

1. Cranberry Organic Ticking Bow Tie from Scotch & Hound 2. Grand Champion Select Trophy Dog Toy from Mr. Dog 3. Cashmere Campfire Blanket from Camp Cloon 4. Pink Heart Rope Toy from Jax & Bones 5. AlienFlex Harry Plush Toy from Zee.Dog 6. Beau Bandana from Billy Wolf 7. In Dogs We Trust Polo from Camp Cloon 8. Geode Food Mat from Wildebeest 9. Tweed Love Squeaky Bone Toy from Scotch & Hound 10. XX Dog Bandana Tie from Wildebeest 11. Hot Pink and Purple Martingale Collar from Dog + Bone 12. Polka Dots Tank Top from Pipolli 13. Flying Pig Woolie Dog Squeak Toy from Jax & Bones 14. Specktacular Polka Dot Dog Bowl from Waggo

Happy Valentine’s Day!