We kicked 2013 off by introducing The Scratchbook, a column where we feature dog-themed artwork and illustrations by some of our favorite artists. It’s super fun to look back and see the different styles and themes from each illustrator. We rounded up our favorite images from each post (many feature more than one, so be sure to click through to see them all); take a peek at them below and let us know which Scratchbook month is your fave of 2013!

The Scratchbook: Jennifer Hoyden in other for humans

Jennifer Hoyden, January 2013

The Scratchbook: Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead in other for humans

Jo Chambers, February 2013

The Scratchbook: Jana Bonsignore in other for humans

Jana Bonsignore, March 2013

The Scratchbook: Evie Kemp in other

Evie Kemp, April 2013 (includes free downloads)

The Scratchbook: Lauren Gregg in other

Lauren Gregg, May 2013

The Scratchbook: Ryan M. Parker in other

Ryan M. Parker, June 2013

The Scratchbook: Crazy Rebels in other

Crazy Rebels, July 2013

The Scratchbook: Alma Loveland in other

Alma Loveland, August 2013 (includes free printables)

The Scratchbook: Laura Berger in other

Laura Berger, September 2013

The Scratchbook: Natalya Zahn in other

Natalya Zahn, October 2013

The Scratchbook: Michele Nicolette in other

Michele Nicolette, November 2013