From Paco to Moxie and Orzo to Bon-Bon, we met quite a few awesome dogs this year via The Scoop, our monthly column where we talk to designers, artists, or other design enthusiasts about their four-legged companions. Read on to get to know these sometimes silly, sometimes serious, but always oh-so-sweet pups!

The Scoop: Jen Bilik and Paco in other

Paco and Jen Bilik, Owner and Founder of Knock Knock

The Scoop: Janine Kahn and Moxie in other

Moxie and Janine Kahn, Editor-in-Chief and founding editor of Dogster and Catster Magazines

The Scoop: Dabito and Beatrice in other

Beatrice and Dabito, Blogger and Photographer at Old Brand New

The Scoop: Ted, Angie, and Nori in other

Nori, Angie Myung, and Ted Vadakan, Founders and Owners of Poketo

The Scoop: David Bromstad, Dozer and Bon Bon in other

Bon-Bon, Dozer, and David Bromstad, Interior Designer and HGTV Host

The Scoop: Jean Aw and Bucky in other

Bucky and Jean Aw, Founder and Editor of NOTCOT

The Scoop: Regine Raab and Benny in other

Benny and Regine Raab, Founder of Waggo

The Scoop: Aaron De Simone and Porter in other

Porter and Aaron De Simone, Graphic Designer and Curator of I Heart Luxe

The Scoop: Lauren Gregg, Reggie and Charles in other

Reggie, Charles, and Lauren Gregg, Artist and Illustrator

The Scoop: Tiziana Agnello and Orzo in other

Orzo and Tiziana Agnello, Founder and Designer at LoveThyBeast