Editor’s Note: I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to fill in while we make our way to Portland, OR! Please give them a warm, tail-wagging welcome!

Hello Dog Milk readers! This is Victoria from sfgirlbybay, a design and lifestyle blog based in San Francisco. I write about affordable design inspiration and home decor ideas, encouraging individuality and unique, personal style. I hope you’ll come visit sometime!

I love scouring the flea market for interesting old photos — left behind somehow when a family cleaned out their attic, or perhaps accidentally misplaced their old photo albums. It’s strange that photos once so personal end up in a pile at a flea market, so I like to give them new life.

My friend only collects images of dogs and it’s just the sweetest collection. They make for a very soulful display, looking into the eyes of these sometimes serious, often playful old pups. I thought you might like the idea of collecting them, too. It’s a fun theme, and looks great when you group them together. Here’s looking at you, pup.

Image credits:

Reflect / Refract

Hold This Photo

Bird in Hand Vintage


Libby Hall

Vintage Every Day

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Editor’s Note 2.0: You can read more about Victoria and her gorgeous pup Lucy right here — they were our first Scoop ever!