Miles and Aimee are the masterminds behind Atomic Attic, an incredible Etsy shop chock full of gorgeous vintage items. Based on their love for “giving old, unusable things a new, fresh look,” Miles and Aimee have created a line of upcycled pet beds made from vintage suitcases, and bases from chairs and tables.

I’ve seen quite a few pet beds made from vintage suitcases, but the style, creativity, and craftsmanship behind Atomic Attic’s collection far exceeds them all. Each bed comes with a removable, triple stitched, machine washable fluffy cushion for cleaning convenience.

It looks like most of the Atomic Attic beds available are large enough for small and medium sized dogs, which makes sense taking into account that most vintage suitcases are quite small. In other words, sorry big dogs, these aren’t for you. And if you don’t see exactly what your looking for, custom pieces are available upon request and generally take about two weeks to complete.

Be sure to check out Atomic Attic’s entire selection of upcycled pet products. Beyond the amazing beds, they also make pet feeders out of old VCRs! I think the one above has my name on it. Just in case I snatch one of these up before you get the chance, don’t worry,  Atomic Attic updates their site with new products often.