Designer Vina Lam Lillvis’ first baby was an adopted Beagle named Dodger. After giving birth to her second baby, a baby girl named Bailey, she searched everywhere trying to find them matching outfits. After her search ended with zero results, she took matters into her own hands and created Babawowo, an adorable line of dog and baby apparel.

I am completely smitten with the cute, simple, and modern graphics Babawowo features. These sets are perfect for the new urban mom who has recently expanded her family from four-legged babies to two-legged babies.

I’m completely in love with the I am the big/little brother/sister shirts because I often warn my dog that someday he’s going to have to make way for a baby and be the best big brother he can. I don’t think he’s terribly excited about this possibility, but perhaps matching outfits will help. Check out Babawawa’s Etsy shop for the entire too-cute line and pick up your favorite pieces at a discounted price on today!