Bags On Board is probably one of the best known brands for promoting responsible pet ownership through the creation of stylish sanitation bags and dispensers. But did you know that you don’t have to settle for a plain design anymore? That’s right — Bags on Board now has a line of designer dispensers that also includes a design-and-print option!

The variety pack includes a few different dispenser label patters for you to choose from.

The Designer series features a Zebra pattern. Rawr!

And, for those of you who like to be matchy matchy, or just want to reflect your (or your dog’s) very own personal style, there’s the design and print option. The possibilities are endless!

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Oh, and get this — for the next couple of months, responsible pet owners can send their ?naughty neighbors? (you know, those neighbors who “forget” to pick up after their pets) a Bags on Board dispenser in the hopes that they’ll get the message. Oh boy, I wish I had know about this before — I had some naughty neighbors but they just moved out (hooray)!

Click here to send a bag to your naughty neighbor.