If you follow Dog Milk on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have noticed a little brown and white dog named Smash has emerged on the scene. We recently adopted a second dog from a local rescue group and have fallen deeply, madly in love! Wrigley is also pretty excited to have a friend, cuddle buddy, and someone to steal toys from. But it wasn’t always fun and games. Smash was pretty reserved and disinterested in us and Wrigley the first little bit, which made me wonder if we’d made the right choice. With time and patience, he’s come around and his happy-go-lucky personality is shining bright! So, this leads me to our Bark Out Loud question this month:

Do you have more than one dog and if so, do they get along?

How long was the adjustment period for the new dog(s) and the old? I’d love to hear your stories of bringing an additional dog into the family — successes, frustrations, and how you helped either dog cope!