There’s a new Tumblr blog on the block called “Dog Shaming” (wait, wait — it’s not what you might think), where people post photos of their dogs’ embarrassing confessions and “crimes”. It’s all in good humor, of course, and will no doubt elicit a few knowing laughs and head nods. Think of it as a place for dog owners to commiserate and celebrate all those weirdo things our dogs do on a daily basis!

Bark Out Loud: What is Your Dog's Shameful Confession?

Just for fun, here are Smash’s and Wrigley’s confessions: “I steal mom’s dirty panties and chew on them.” and “I like to hump him while he’s doing that.” Coupla freaks, if you ask me. Sweet, fluffy, adorable freaks.

So, let’s hear it! What is your dog’s shameful confession?

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Dogshaming for more “shameful” silliness.