As part of the MFA Designer as Author & Entrepreneur program at SVA, design student Jose Fresneda designed Baxter, a very fancy pooper scooper concept.

He explains:

Faced with the task of redesigning a pooper scooper, I wanted to do something not only functional but also some kind of a statement about our social responsibilities with the environment. Realizing that sometimes the most effective way of connecting with an audience is by creating some sort of fashion icon, I decided to create a luxury line of pooper scoopers. Made out of chipboard, which means they’re biodegradable, they were also styled in the shape of little handbags and branded as Louis Vuitton accessories.

I also created a promotional campaign that in a way managed to embrace the ridiculousness of it all, while speaking on a serious tone at the same time.

This is obviously a concept and not affiliated with Louis Vuitton, but funny and well executed nonetheless!