Remember when you got that big, fat September issue of your favorite magazine in the mail? The Fall fashion one? I do. I would spend hours pouring over it, flipping through it’s glossy pages of deliciously expensive clothing, happy over-18 models posing as schoolgirls, wishing I could look like that when going back to school. Those days might be over for me, but that feeling I get each August when I begin to think about the Fall has never gone away. It’s almost a feeling of rebirth and excitement. But, I digress…really what I want to talk about here is Fall fashion — for dogs.

Now, I’m not one to dress up my dog in Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t fashion trends to take note of — especially for the modern pup. Beans and I got together to peruse the Interwebs and find some of the best Fall trends for the modern dog this year. Think of this as your Fall fashion issue of doggie Vogue.

Doesn’t he look excited? It might be because I said “Fall Fashion” or maybe it’s because I’m holding his favorite ball…

First up? Let’s talk about patterns.

This Fall we think that harlequin is the new houndstooth. It’s been popping up everywhere and this diamond-shape is a great transition from Summer to Fall. Remember the bed we posted from petLINENS? Here’s a fancy black and white harlequin collar from Doggie Stylish that Beans just loves. It’s lightweight, only $8, and it matches his coloring quite well 😉

Puppia calls this collection “Argyle” but I call them harlequin!

Plaid! Yes, plaid is back, and we’re glad it didn’t bring grunge back with it. I love this Jack Plaid dog coat — I think it will keep your pup nice and warm on cool Fall evenings and make the transition to Winter perfectly.

Next up? This Cape Cod collar by The Urban Animal Scientist actually encompasses two of the Fall trends. First, the material is from an old silk tie. Silk is a fabric that makes a nice transition to Fall and on top of that, the use of something old to make something new such as an old tie-turned-collar is a growing trend. Additionally, the colors are a great combination that recall the preppy, cottagey feel of Cape Cod when the weather begins to turn. I love the quality of this collar — the stitching is just right and the heavy metal buckle makes it feel weighty and rich.

Beans gets very cold in the Winter but in early Fall the temperatures seem to be mild enough that he doesn’t need a coat or scarf. However, a bandanna is just the thing to get him ready for Winter. Beantown Handmade makes great quality bandannas that cleverly don’t need to be tied around your dog’s neck. Instead, you thread your collar through the bandanna. Here’s Beans sporting a brown and red fruit-themed bandanna from Beantown Handmade:

Beans isn’t crazy about posing for photos!

What else is on tap for Fall? A nice, thick rustic leather collar. These personalized collars from rolloverleatherworks on Etsy are beautifully handcrafted and look to be extremely durable.

Tomorrow, PupStyle doggie fashion expert Dara Foster gives us her top 3 style trends!