On Saturday we went to a Boston Terrier Meetup and Beans found a new favorite toy. He spent most of the hour playing with it instead of the other dogs. He’s definitely a people-dog — he could care less about other dogs, he’d much rather be petted and chase after balls.

It’s basically a ball within a ball, and it is easy to make. Luckily, there was a Petsmart nearby so we stopped in before we went home.

Here’s how to create the ball:

Get a JW Pet Hol-ee Roller — we bought the medium size because the large seemed too big for him and the small wouldn’t work. Then, grab a two-pack of the small Petsport USA Tuff Balls. Push one of the balls through the largest size opening in the Hol-ee Roller. You might have to push really hard and pry the edges apart to get the ball to fit. Then, throw it around and watch your dog try to get the ball out of the cage!