Oh man, where to start: the hilarious name or the unique ingredients list? Tough call.

SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery is a Virginia-based brand that offers three distinct, organic, and handmade treat flavors inspired by craft beer: India Puppy Ale, Pug Porter, and Wheaten Wit. Each variety gets its signature flavor from spent beer grain. What is spent beer grain, exactly? SniffingButt explains:

In the beer making process, malted grains are soaked in water to extract the sugars from the grain.  The water is then removed to make into beer, and the grain is discarded. We get our grains from craft brewers, providing an eco-friendly solution to grain waste by recycling them into tasty and healthy dog treats. SniffingButt Dog Bone Brewery steps in to put these perfectly good, beer-flavored grains to use for our furry companions. Our four-legged friends get to enjoy some of their favorite flavors, and the grains don’t go to waste.

In case you’re wondering, these treats do not contain alcohol or hops, which are both harmful to dogs. All they contain are four simple, human-grade ingredients and a unique beer flavor! Check ’em out for yourself or order some right here.