Big Daddy Biscuits are handpressed all natural dog biscuits made in Georgia. The company started when biscuit maker Lauren found an American Bulldog (like Lulu!) wandering around the streets of Atlanta. Now known as Big Daddy, because of his life on the streets and malnourishment, he developed toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that causes blindness. After nursing Big Daddy back to health, together he and Lauren (AKA “Big Mama”) make some seriously tasty biscuits, according to Beans and Lulu.

I was sent a fun bagged mix of the Dinner Mints, Cheesy Bites with Garlic, and Crunchy Peanut Butter Treats. While taking photos, I actually started to get hungry…the cheesy bites smell like cheese crackers.I guess if you were out and about and super hungry, you could even eat these, as the ingredients are flour, cheese, garlic and milk!

What I liked best about these is that the ingredients were all easy to recognize and read…no super-long difficult-to-pronounce words.

While I was photographing, the pups heard me fiddling with the bag because I looked down and this is what I saw:

How could I turn down those cute faces? I gave them each a cheesy garlic treat and a dinner mint. They love them. And let me just tell you that my dogs eat white fish and their breath stinks, and these dinner mints are fantastic at keeping the stink at a minimum.

Thanks so much to Big Daddy Biscuits for sending these over — I highly recommend trying them out.