I was at the store picking up dog food recently (I feel like I’m doing that all. the. time. – amirite?) and spied with my little eye a display for BIXBI treats and wellness supplements. (When I see bright colors and cool design, I’m like a moth to a flame.) I was stoked to find out that Bixbi treats are made in the USA from USA-sourced, human-grade ingredients without unnecessary stuff like corn, soy, wheat and grody stuff like preservatives and byproducts. Turns out BIXBI is a cool little company run by two brothers in Boulder who have pretty serious convictions about dog nutrition and product quality.


BIXBI treats are formulated to target skin and coat, hips and joints, and overall health and are made from yummy protein sources like beef liver, salmon, chicken, and pork. In addition, BIXBI offers a line of Organic Pet Superfood supplements geared to keep your pup at the top of her game.

bixbi-USA-made-daily-essentials-dog-treats bixbi-USA-made-hip-and-joint-dog-treats


You can shop online at BIXBI or check their site for a store near you.