I have to admit, I have not invested in any tracking devices for my dog. I do have those $8 collar tags on each dog with their name a phone number in case of emergency. However, I’ve often wondered if I should make the extra investment in a special ID tag.

blanketID is a special 15mm x 25mm tag that is individual to your pet. You purchase a tag, then go on to the blanketID website to add details and photos of your pets under your unique blanketID tag number. It’s waterproof, scratch-proof, and lightweight fitting right on your dog’s collar like a name tag. Plus, the designs sure beat those ugly metal tags from the machines.

If your pet gets lost, simply report your pet missing and blanketID.com automatically sends a broadcast email to local SPCA, animal hospitals, shelters, other local blanketID members. Everyone will be able to access a full description and photos of your pet. If you find a pet with a blanketID tag you can log on and enter its blanketID tag number to find its owner.

Have you ever considered a pet ID service such as this or do you use the standard tags you get from the “big box” pet store?