The Booster Bath is an amazing product I was fortunate enough to come across while visiting my family in Los Angeles this past week. Based on my first hand experience with the Booster Bath, it’s a must have product for everyone who frequently bathes their dog at home. It’s especially useful if you have a dog who typically poses a challenge during bath time. The Booster Bath can be used indoors or out, and has a variety of features that make bath time a cinch! And the best part is not having to bend over, get on your knees, and get soaked while giving your dog a bath. Just check out the fun time I had giving my family bulldog, Lola, an afternoon bath.

With temperatures hitting triple digits this week, I decided to give Lola a bath to cool her down. (She was also starting to smell a bit, but I would never tell her that to her face.) To my delight, my soon to be  in-laws happened to own a Booster Bath. As soon as I saw it, I absolutely had to test it out!

As you can see, Lola was thrilled. And believe me, she rarely gets this excited about anything besides left-over steak.

Together, my fiance and I proceeded to give Lola the most relaxing bath of her life. The no-slip rubber mat kept Lola from sliding around and the adjustable leash restraint with collar gave her, and us, an added sense of security. I loved how easy it was to move around the entire tub. Not having to reach over a wet and soapy 55-pound bulldog was enough of a selling point for me.

Being the detail oriented person I am, it’s the Booster Bath’s little features that made all the difference for me! The shampoo caddy is a brilliant add-on that kept all of Lola’s products together and easy to access. The drain prevented the water from rising and the floor of the tub from getting too soapy. Less water in the tub meant less water for Lola to splash in.

Fifteen minutes later, I had a sparkling clean bulldog on my hands. And beyond being clean, it was the least stressful experience I have ever had giving Lola a bath. I was completely relaxed, and most importantly, Lola was relaxed too. Just look at that peaceful expression on her face! As an added bonus, I was also able to dry her off while she was still in the Booster Bath. Not having to chase Lola with a towel was a first for me. The Booster Bath was a winning experience all around! And just in case you have any concerns about using the Booster Bath outdoors during cooler months, check out the tropic shower add-on, which enables you to have warm water flow to your Booster Bath. Brilliant!