If your dog is a super brainiac who needs good intellectual stimulation, you might be interested in checking out the Buster Activity Mat. (Other dogs are happy just staring into space and occasionally licking the floor, like my Dottie, and that’s OK too.) The Buster Activity Mat is an interactive toy designed to challenge dogs and make them think. The mat has 35 evenly spaced studs upon which you can attach a number of interactive tasks with varying degrees of difficulty, challenging your dog to complete the tasks in order to retrieve a reward. What I really like about the Buster mat is that, because it’s made of fabric and remains stationary while the dog interacts with it, it can provide a quiet and calm, but still enriching, activity for your dog – unlike some of those other (also great!) logic toys that roll, rock, or otherwise involve a bit of a ruckus and a racket.



A Buster starter set features the mat, 3 activity tasks, and a convenient carrier/storage bag. Additional tasks can be purchased to provide further fun and mental stimulation for your dog. Check it out at PupLife.