Busy Buddy Linkables are fun, interactive toys designed to appeal to both your dog’s mind and tummy. Linkables’ interlocking, treat-dispensing components can be connected in varying ways to form a treat-filled puzzle for your dog, providing her a tasty mental workout.

Linkables’ interlocking Orbs, Elbows, and Twists are made from durable, pliable rubber that can be carried, tossed, and rolled about as your dog attempts to figure out how to release the treats inside. (Linkables aren’t recommended for straight-up chewing, though; they’re designed to be an interactive logic toy.) While specially-sized-and-shaped Linkables treats are available, any small treat that will fit through Linkables’ holes should work.

Premier, the toy’s manufacturer, provides instructions on how to introduce Linkables to your pup and get her involved in the game. Check out this short video of Linkables in action. (That kicky background music is sort of what I imagine my little Dottie constantly hears in her head.)

You can snag all of Linkables’ parts and pieces at Baxter Boo or most pet supply stores.