Second to dogs, coffee might be my favorite thing. So Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is like a double whammy of awesome. By simply enjoying your delicious morning beverage, you could be rescuing dogs. Who knew you could be so productive before 8 AM?

Molly, the dog who started it all...

Molly, the dog who started it all…

Founder Jordan Karcher spotted (pun intended) a malnourished Dalmatian one day at an adoption center and the rest is history. Combining his love for coffee and for dogs, he founded Grounds & Hounds in 2012 and spends his days making grounds and saving hounds.

With names like “Morning Walk” and “Paper & Slippers” what’s not to love?



The best part of this isn’t just all the puppy kisses and coffee—20% of all Grounds & Hounds revenue is donated to rescue partners. Learn more about what you can do to help here.