When I was preparing for the birth of my daughter a couple years ago, I decorated her nursery in a dog theme after little to no deliberation. I mean, she was my daughter, so there’d be no question she’d love dogs, right? I will admit that a fearful little part of me worried that maybe, just maybe, she’d not be a dog fan, and then her canine-themed bedroom would be all too ironic. Having watched her relationship with Mingus and Dottie develop over the past two years (and many, many readings of Go, Dog. Go! later), though, I can say she definitely inherited the dog-lover gene. Too bad this cute Canine Collective toddler bedding set from Anthropologie, featuring illustrations by Carolyn Gavin, wasn’t around when I was decorating her room — but maybe it’s time for an update? Find the quilt, sham, and coordinating pillow at Anthro.