Molly Mutt, designers of some of our very favoritest dog duvet covers, have introduced the crib-e, an extra-large bed cover designed fit standard (human) crib mattresses. Even in growing families, crib mattresses have a limited lifespan – and once the kid outgrows the mattress, it’s usually destined for Craigslist or the landfill (the mattress, that is, not the kid). The crib-e cover brilliantly allows for repurposing of those (waterproof!) crib mattresses as beds for large dogs (like mastiffs and Danes) or, as in the case of my dear Mingus and Dottie, siblings who like to snuggle and share. The crib-e zips on two sides for easy mattress fitting, and, like all Molly Mutt duvet covers, is machine-washable. You can check out all the available crib-e patterns over at Molly Mutt.