Anna from TheDogs recently sent over a link to what may be my absolute favorite series of pet portraits ever: custom crayon carvings by California-based artist Hoang Tran. Using reference photos, Tran chooses a crayon color that most closely matches your dog, then proceeds to carve their likeness, carefully applying melted wax in various colors to create their distinct features… which is basically the coolest thing ever.

Custom Dog Portrait Crayon Carvings by Hoang Tran



Take a peek at Hoang’s shop, Wax Nostalgic, to order your own custom pet portrait or to see his other awesome crayon sculptures (there are Star Wars and Breaking Bad sculptures, just to name a few…)!

[via TheDogs]

P.S. A custom crayon carving of your pet is one of the perks available in TheDogs’ Indiegogo campaign to help rebuild their School for the Dogs!