Of all the interesting ways I’ve seen people pay tribute to their pets, this might be my absolute favorite. Custom Pet Nose Print Necklacesicon are gorgeous and handmade sterling silver pendants cast from your dog’s unique little nose. Because each animal’s nose is as distinct as a human’s fingerprint, your Custom Pet Nose Print Necklace is guaranteed to be as special as your love for your dog.

The process is simple. Order either a small or large pendant to suit your dog’s nose. You’ll then receive a special kit with the materials and instructions for making a mold of your pet’s nose. All components are non-toxic, and the process is simple and safe. You then mail that mold to the artist, who casts the pendant for you from high quality sterling silver. You can even have your pet’s name engraved on the back!

And if wearing your dog’s little (or big) nose isn’t your thing, Custom Paw Print Necklacesicon are also available.