I think there’s a part of me that believes you can’t truly understand what it means to love dogs until you’ve lived with a bad dog — or, I should say, a dog that does bad things. (They’re all good dogs, Brent!) Like, for example, there was the time that Dottie ate a door. I mean, I can laugh about it now, but seriously — a door. Accepting and laughing about dogs who are prone to misbehave gets to the heart of dog love, IMHO.

Such is the spirit behind Dodgy Dogs, an in-development card game featuring awesome illustrations by Jean Jullien. Dodgy Dogs, which was created by Yolky Games in collaboration with Jullien, is wrapping up a Kickstarter campaign that has surpassed its original funding goal by more than 50 thousand USD (or 40 thousand GBP) and is expected to make its debut this fall. The multi-player card game features an illustrated collection of dogs behaving badly, with the game’s ultimate goal to be the first player to rid yourself of your “dodgy dogs” while trying to thwart your opponents from doing the same. Wild cards, “Dog Whisperer” cards, and “Leader of the Pack” cards are there to help you gain control of the game – as much as we may never be able to control the dodgy dogs we know IRL. Fast-moving, humorous, and fantastically illustrated, Dodgy Dogs promises to be good fun. You can find out more and pre-order over at Kickstarter.