I was reading the latest issue of ReadyMade magazine where I spotted an article about creating a green roof on an existing dog house. Yes, the latest green sensation has gone to the dogs! If you’re already got yourself a dog house, there’s no need to purchase a new one, so why not make it into a planting bed? After all, if your dog isn’t using it, then at least you can get something out of it. If your dog still enjoys it, now it can do double duty. This is an extra bonus if you have limited space.

For the full instructions on planting a green dog house roof, grab the August/September issue of ReadyMade, or click here for the online tutorial.

The project is inspired by Sustainable Pet Design, a California-based company offering dog houses with a “Greenrrroof.” The catch is that they don’t ship planted roofs outside of CA, but they offer recommendations for plants in your region. The company was started by landscape designer Stephanie Rubin after the loss of her dog, Gust. She decided to merge her love for landscape design with her passion for animals, and thus Sustainable Pet Design was born. Their incredibly unique dog houses are cutting edge, but they will also design a custom house to suit your pet.

Sustainable Pet Design also offers birdhouses with green roofs.

[Aside: I keep wanting to type “rooves” instead of “roofs” but I feel like “rooves” is outdated. Do you still say/use “rooves”?]