Dog art that’s cute or classically “beautiful” is certainly great (we feature a ton of it right here on this blog), but I think there’s something maybe a little extra special about art that manages to capture the imperfect nature of our canine friends — after all, so much of what makes dogs so endearing, I think, is their (very human-like) imperfect-ness. It’s why the illustrations of Faye Moorhouse speak so strongly to me. The dogs Moorhouse depicts are generally not conventionally “cute” or “beautiful” — Moorhouse herself calls them “hideous” and “wonky” — and yet despite the abstraction of Moorhouse’s illustrations, her dogs somehow seem so much more real. Check out Moorhouse’s work on her website, Tumblr (including her project Dogs A-Z), and Instagram, and find prints over at her Etsy shop.







[Found via Four & Sons]