Eccentric Italian designer Marco Morosini enjoys putting his humor and own creative spin on the world as he experiences it. Making a social critique on the ways in which we worship our pets, he created his brilliant and beautiful Dog is a God collection. From ceramic, wallpapered, and carpeted trailers to well built Japanese pagoda dog houses, the Dog is a God collection is truly a tongue-in-cheek masterpiece of doggie design.  Plus, it’s a welcomed reminder of how we all can take the pampering of our pets to audacious levels! But, hey, aren’t they worthy of a little worship?

The Luxury Caravan Doghouse, available at Wannekes, is perhaps my favorite piece in this collection. As if the ceramic caravan wasn’t incredible enough on it’s own, these perfectly styled shots (notice the clothesline of dog shirts?) are a treat unto themselves.

Wanting pampered pooches to travel in luxury year round, Morosini created two versions of his traveling dog house. One with fur and one without, but both come adorned with platinum hardware.

Perhaps the most deity defining dog house of the Dog is a God collection, this glass encased chair places your precious pup exactly where he/she belongs… on a pedestal!

The Transparent Dog House (top) comes complete with it’s own carport; the Temple Dog House (middle) has three separate entrances; and the Dooog House (bottom) was specially designed for looong dachshunds. Genius!