Whether your dog is the one-collar-til-it-falls-apart type or a fashion hound with more accessories than you can count, chances are they need a new one! And, of course, we’re happy to provide some inspiration on where to snag something extra special, along with leashes and harnesses too! Check out a few of our faves below:

1. Bloom Harness from Prunkhund 2. McZee Shock-Absorbing Leash from Zee.Dog 3. Guacamole Mesh Harness from Zee.Dog 4. Clinton Hill Leash & Collar from Citizen x Hound 5. Satellite Leash from Notyers 6. Marbled Leather Collar & Leash from Absurd Design

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Awesome Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses

1. Clic Leash & Collar from High5dogs 2. Limited Edition Collars from Lion + Wolf 3. Pineapple and Rose Gold Collar & Leash from Prunkhund 4. Hemp Harness from Planet Dog 5. Leather Collar & Leash from LAIKA HUNT 6. Homer Collar from Zee.Dog

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