The following Gift Guide is brought to you by Janery. We’re very paw-ticular about our holiday partners and only feature those we consider Best in Show!

Mull some cider, grab your favorite chew toy, and put your paws up: it’s time to get cozy! We’ve selected a few of our favorite modern dog beds, blankets, and mats that are all as durable as they are stylish. Take a peek below and be sure to check out each shop for more color and style options!

1. Dusen Dusen Dog Bed 2. Howlpot My Territory Bed 3. Rosie Bunny Bean Mexican Blanket with Sherpa Fleece 4. Merlin Mat Dalmatian Spot Bed from Janery 5. Zana Shapes Bed 6. Bad Marlon Marron Bed

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Cozy Dog Beds and Blankets

1. Molly Mutt Rocketman Duvet 2. Waterproof Charlie Cushion from Janery 3. Jax and Bones Plush Blanket 4. Mr. Dog X Print Bed 5. Howl & Hound Patchwork Prairie Bed 6. Umbala Pet Blanket

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