If your dogs are anything like mine, eating is one of their favorite pastimes. Whether at home or on-the-go, messy or refined, these dining accessories are perfect for dogs with all kinds of eating (and drinking) styles — there’s even a little something for pups who’ve been a bit naughty this year! 😉

1. Earthenware All Purpose Bowl from Mr. Dog 2. btw Ceramics Blue Speckle Bowl from Dog & Co. 3. Walnut Dog Bowl Tray from Gamla Studio 4. Geode Food Mat from Wildebeest 5. Fenella Smith Dogs Trust Bowl from Petswag 6. Miski Loft Feeder from Hello Pets

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Modern Bowls, Feeders, and Dining Accessories

1. The Heavy Feeder in burnished brass from M3LD 2. Sun of Wolves Bowl from Dog & Co. 3. Splash Ceramic Treat Jar and Bowl from Waggo 4. “Lumps of Coal” Peanut Butter Dog Treats from Bocce’s Bakery 5. Funston To- Go Bowl from Wildebeest 6. Copper Water Bowl from CuBowl

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