It’s no secret that dogs love to sleep. Make sure they’re dreaming of squirrels in style with one of these cozy beds!

Note: We’ve selected one or two items from each shop, but there are TONS of color and style options available, so be sure to click through to see what else is in store!

1. Modern Dog Sofa Beds from Pup & Kit 2. Graphic Dog Beds from FuzzYard 3. Luxury Tweed Beds from Cloud7 4. PadPod Pet Beds from Bark & Miao 5. Handcrafted Dog Bed from Found My Animal 6. Dog Sofas from MiaCara

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Cozy Beds for Dogs

1. Wooden Dog Beds from MiaCara 2. Pet Beds from Dog & Crow 3. Water-Resistant Canvas and Down Beds from Shinola Detroit 4. Handmade Dog Beds from See Scout Sleep 5. Dog Beds and Cushions from Waggo 6. Sherpa Fleece Dog Bed from Skookum Dog

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 18 Cozy Beds for Dogs

1. Modern Dog Beds from Jax and Bones 2. Outdoor Beds from P.L.A.Y. 3. Luxury Dog Beds from Max Bone 4. Modern Dog Beds from LoveThyBeast 5. Wooden Dog Den from For Gimli 6. Dog Duvets from Molly Mutt

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