Know a crazy dog person (or two or three)? Here are 20 fun and unique gift ideas they’re bound to love!

1. Shoodles Shoes from Bark & Co. 2. Pet Charms Necklace and Collar Tag Set from Emily McDowell 3. Grounds & Hounds Coffee 4. Hot Dogs A-Z Banner from Land of Nod 5. Pug Baking Dish by Fenella Smith 6. Dog Ear Pillow Case by Xenotees 7. In Dog We Trust Patch by Kodiak Milly 8. Dog Petter Pin by Annie Free 9. Top Dog: And Other Delightful Expressions by Carli Davidson 10. Royal Corgis Tote Bag by Eric & Christopher

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Fun Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. Patches the Pup Necklace by Christine Schmidt 2. DOG Magazine 3. Shoodle Socks Pack from Bark & Co. 4. Big Top Ceramic Balloon Dog Bookend by imm Living 5. Dogs on Instagram Book 6. Frankie the Dog Pillow from Land of Nod 7. Dog Bread Totes from Fancy HuLi 8. Dog Coasters from Fancy HuLi 9. DIY Dog and Watercolor Set design by SirMadam 10. Sad Pug Mugs from Fancy HuLi

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