Bandanas and hoodies and coats — oh my! For dogs who love to accessorize (and stay warm!), we’ve rounded up a few picks from some of our go-to pet apparel brands. Check out our faves below!

[Featured Image] 1. Hoodies from Clothing by Classy 2. Baker & Bray Trench Coat from Sir Dogwood 3. Coats from Paco & Lucia 4. Bandanas from Native Instinct Co. 5. Sweaters and Scarves from Betters 6. Hoodies from Camp Cloon 7. Raincoats and Sweaters from Ware of the Dog 8. Coats, Hoodies, and Sweaters from Fab Dog 9. Coats, Jackets, and Sweaters from LoveThyBeast

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Clothing & Accessories

1. Vests, Jackets, and Sweatshirts from Eye of Dog 2. Raincoats and Sweaters from Wagwear 3. Hoodies and Tees from Penn + Pooch 4. Bandanas from Woof & Wild 5. Striped Shirts by Dentists Appointment from Sir Dogwood 6. Sweaters from Dusen Dusen 7. Sweaters, Tees, and More from Bauhound 8. Sweaters, Scarves, and Cardigans from The Worthy Dog 9. Matching Hawaiian Shirts for Dogs and Humans from BBQ Shirt

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