DesignStory, my new go-to site for great deals on modern home furnishings is currently running a sale on Ilmiriita textiles by Russian designer Johanna Kunelius. ?Ilmiriita? is a Finnish word for an open quarrel or brawl, but Johanna explains that it has several meanings for her. It partially represents a source of inspiration — her grandmother Ilmi and also reflects her own struggle as a designer between art and commercialism.

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She says of this collection:

It all started on one of my daily walks in St. Petersburg. In the bustle of the streets, I watched as people and dogs passed by, the dogs taking their owners to a nearby park. But suddenly I saw something unforgettable: I laid my eyes on two eagles, with their eyes glowing, sitting on a perch and spreading their wings. The birds were kept as a tourist attraction and had already gathered a crowd of spectators. I could sense that an ?ilmiriita? was about to start. All the while, a young man collected money from tourists who wanted to be photographed with the eagles. I headed back home, but carried the idea of ?ilmiriita? with me.