If you’ve been anywhere near the Northeast in the past 2 weeks then you’ve experienced the unforgiving heat wave we’ve had to endure. Every day, I took my pups outside for an afternoon walk and we got about 10 paces and then they just stopped. And panted. And walked 1 step and stopped again to pant. Then we would go inside and they’d inhale gallons of water.

It got me thinking about my dog’s hydration. A few weeks back Brian sent me information about his company and product, Dogdration. Dogdration is deionized water for dogs that is enhanced with electrolytes for hydration, ginseng for health, as well as glucosamine for hips and joints. It is also flavored with allergen free all natural peanut butter flavoring — yum!

The product was developed when Brian tried to find a suitable and healthy beverage for his very active chocolate lab, Ophelia. I can see my dogs loving this product, but I feel like they’re not really active enough and do just fine with regular water. For my dogs, I think this would be more of a treat than anything else.

Is your dog overly active? If so, would you use a hydration product for your dog?