Doggelganger, the “human to canine pairing” software, is a clever marketing campaign of the Pedigree Adoption Drive program in New Zealand. Through “facial scanning and recognition software”, Doggelganger matches potential canine parents with adoptable shelter dogs around New Zealand!

Doggelganger: Human to Canine Pairing Software

Doggelganger: Human to Canine Pairing Software

I LOVE seeing creative ways to get the word out about rescue dogs and organizations and, I’ll admit, I played around with this for quite a while. It was fun to see the different dogs I was paired with and to read their individual bios. At the end, of course, you have the option to make contact with the shelter or rescue group and/or donate to the Pedigree Adoption Drive.

Try it out for yourself here!

Have you seen any other unique adoption campaigns recently?

[Thanks to Kim for sending this my way!]