Nothing gets me excited like clean, functional design in bright colors… except maybe travel, adventure, and the lure of the open road. And dog stuff, of course. These candy-colored travel bowls from Dogit made of durable, flexible, lightweight silicone? Practically a dream come true.

Dogit’s travel bowls (for either food or water) are dishwasher safe and can be bent or folded yet still retain their hip, square shape — perfect for stashing in the camping gear, beach bag, or backpack and hittin’ the road with the pups.

I’m also loving Dogit’s H2O Cup — a convenient, smart solution for providing fresh water for your pup when out and about. The 6.7-oz cup replaces the cap on a standard-size water bottle and then clips to your belt, bag, or pack, meaning you always have a bowl handy for your thirsty friend.

You can fetch both Dogit’s travel bowls and cup from