Our resident bossy beard is turning ten this week! To celebrate Wrigley’s induction into the Double Digit Club, our lil ol’ man put together a list of things he’d fancy receiving as tokens of our appreciation (how considerate of him!). Check out his top picks below!

Double Digit Club: Wrigley's 10th Birthday Wish List

1. Tiggy Collar and Leash from Nice Digs 2. Hearts Dog Sweater from Muttropolis 3. I’m the Boss Tee from Zee.Dog 4. Popcorn Burrow Dog Toy from Muttropolis 5. NO Sweater from Ware of the Dog 6. Sheepskin Throw from Mr. Dog 7. BTW Ceramics Dog Bowl from Dog & Co. 8. Grain & Gluten-Free Bacon Biscuits from Portland Pet Food Co. 9. Splash Ceramic Treat Jar from Waggo 10. Fire Hydrant Rope Toy from Bark Shop 11. Bribe Dog Treats from Mr. Dog

Happy birthday, Wrigley!!