As you know, I have two dogs — one big and one little. They share a water bowl, which means I have two large bowls and a small bowl. Most dog food mats are made for two bowls max, which is why I have always had trouble finding one to accommodate three bowls. Over the years I gave up searching and therefore left the bowls on the kitchen floor with no mat, but it became quite messy and frustrating to clean.

One day, while at Bed, Bath & Beyond buying towels or something of the sort, I spotted this boot tray for $7.99. I wondered if the bowls could fit on it. Since it was so cheap, I figured I’d give it a shot and bought it on the spot. Miraculously, all three bowls fit perfectly on it, with a little space to move around. It certainly isn’t the most attractive food mat I’ve ever seen, but it does the job.

The bonus is that the tray has a raised border, which keeps water spills and crumbs from ending up all over my kitchen floor. Who knew a boot tray could do double duty as a catch-all food mat?

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