My dogs stink, and that funky stench seeps into their dog beds, toys, and even their collars. Dublin Dog recognized this as a problem and decided to launch a line of collars for the extra-smelly mutts called All Style, No Stink.

Their latest All Style, No Stink collars are made of Extreme Element Elastomers (E3) formulation, which is thinner and softer than the original All Style, No Stink collars, but are still just as strong (maintaining a pull-strength of over 1,200 lbs!). They also feature a sleek brushed satin finish buckle and a 100% waterproof sub layer.

These collars won’t absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbor bacteria, and is hand-injected and layered into each pattern to eliminate potential odor. Superb for the stinkalotomus you’ve got living with you. Buy ’em here.