The following post is brought to you by FETCH. We’re very paw-ticular about our partners and only feature those we think are top dog.

FETCH is known for serving the fashion-forward dogs of New York in their brick and mortar store, but if you can’t make it in person (pawson?), their online shop will bring all the trendiest dog wares to you! While we love all the brands they carry, we’re super excited to see that Australian brand Big & Little Dogs is now available in the U.S. exclusively through FETCH!

FETCH Exclusive: Leashes and Harnesses from Big & Little Dogs

FETCH Exclusive: Leashes and Harnesses from Big & Little Dogs

Big & Little Dogs creates harnesses, along with matching leads and collars, with dogs of all sizes in mind! This collection focuses on maximizing comfort and style, which is most apparent with their comfy reversible harnesses. There are currently six fun designs to choose from, all of which are available exclusively through FETCH. Oh, and fun fact: FETCH offers free shipping on all U.S. orders! How pawesome is that?

We talked to Karen Durka, the founder and co-owner of FETCH, to learn more about her shop and latest finds!

Can you tell us a bit about what inspired you to open FETCH? 

I loved shopping for my dog CoCo. But most of the time I found a very limited selection and sizing was always a problem, which was frustrating. I also noticed that most stores that I shopped in did not spend much time on merchandising apparel and accessories or store design. There were so many wonderful boutiques for women, men and children but not many at all specifically catering to dogs. When I decided I wanted to open my own business, the concept of a beautifully designed boutique that people would enjoy shopping in with their dogs, filled with well merchandised products seemed like something out of the ordinary and worth pursuing.

FETCH is the first retail shop in the US to carry Big & Little Dogs. What do you love about this brand?

What made me notice the brand was the prints. They were all so much fun! Then I realized that many of the harnesses were reversible which made me love the product even more. I also love how well made the products are and most importantly how comfortable they are. Every customer that has tried the harness has been pleased with how it fits. The only issue with the brand is that customers can’t decide which print to choose because they want them all!

What is your go-to source for staying on top of the latest pet trends? What is one trend you’re most excited about for 2017?

Dog Milk of course! I also do what I always did in my former career as a Children’s apparel manufacturer. I spend time researching what the trends in colors and fabrics and prints will be for the coming season. Then I translate that knowledge and merchandise collections in the boutique that will be suitable for dogs. We are very excited about stripes, whimsical prints and embellished denim for Spring 2017. For Fall 2017 we will focus on a neutral color palette, plaids and metallics.

Thanks Karen!

FETCH Exclusive: Leashes and Harnesses from Big & Little Dogs

FETCH Exclusive: Leashes and Harnesses from Big & Little Dogs

Shop the complete Big & Little Dogs collection online, and check out all the other available goodies, at