Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows first hand the feeling of intense panic that takes over the second you realize your pet is missing. I’ve been there, and it’s one of the worst feelings there is. And what’s worse is the feeling of helplessness that occurs once the panic subsides. I cringe just thinking about it! Fortunately, we live in a time when technology trumps helplessness, and the tools we need to help bring our lost pets home are right at our fingertips. Thank goodness for sites like Find Toto.

The way it works is simple. Find Toto enters in the exact address of where your pet was last seen into their mapping system, serving as the center point of the search area, which then pulls the data of phone numbers in a radius starting from the center point out. The phone numbers in that area are then uploaded into Find Toto’s automated system where thousands of calls are made in minutes! The Toto alert system will call each number up to four times and leave messages as needed.

Each Toto alert system recording includes the date lost/last seen, pet?s description, your best contact number. The alert system also lets message recipients know that they can visit to view your pet and contact information. And just in case a Toto alert recipient needs to hear the message again, they can do so by calling back the number displayed on their caller ID or by selecting the option at the end of the Toto alert recording.

Alert packages start at a reasonable $85 and go as high as $875. The number of neighbors called distinguishes one package from the next. Find Toto boasts a 78.2% success rate within 48 hours and a 68% success rate after 48 hours, which I find pretty spectacular. If you’re curious to find out more about Find Toto, be sure to visit their website and/or check watch this news clip.