We’re super big fans of rescue dogs here at Dog Milk, and we’re also super big fans of California doggie photographer Jesse Freidin, too. (If you’re not familiar with his work, go check it ALL out, right now… or, in a second, after you finish reading this post.) For his latest photography project, Jesse is turning his amazing eye (and camera) toward pet shelter volunteers, focusing (get it?) on the special relationship between animal rescue workers and the animals they save. In Jesse’s words: “This is not a shelter dog project. It is a people project. It is a story about the symbiotic relationship animal shelter volunteers share with their canine and feline dependents, and the beautiful caretaking that happens between the two species…Together, both human and animal can lift each other up through that shared shelter experience. I see that as the magic of shelter work.” Beautiful, right? And so are the photos. Check out the project here.

Finding Shelter Jesse Freidin 1


Finding Shelter Jesse Freidin 2


Finding Shelter Jesse Freidin 5


Finding Shelter Jesse Freidin 3