Flash Gordon Designs was founded in 2011 by brothers Jeff and Jason Gordon and their dog Flash. Their mission is to create custom pet id tags and charms that are durable, unique, and great-looking. In my opinion, they can put a check mark next to all three. Their id tags have a major wow factor and a unique spin I can’t say I’ve seen before.

Jeff, the designer behind Flash Gordon, uses 3D engineering software to create each tag and charm. The design is then customized for your pet and formed using sintered stainless steel with a bronze, antique bronze or gold-plated finish. Each quality piece comes with a lifetime guarantee (just in case).

Flash Gordon Designs has truly set themselves apart from the pack with their creative approach to pet id tags and charms. In fact, they’re so cool, I would probably wear one on a gold chain myself. Hmmm… maybe I’ll get one with my dog’s name for myself! Be sure to check out the full collection to find your favorite.