Brooklyn’s Found My Animal is using style and good design to help homeless pets across the country. The company, which donates a portion of their profits to shelter pets, makes “accessories for adopted animals and their people.” It seems they’ve definitely put their collection together with me in mind, as they’ve got a shop full of pretty things I want to call my own.

You may have heard of Found My Animal before, as their efforts to encourage and support pet adoption have received a decent amount of press attention. Upon visiting their site for the first time in a while, though, I was stoked to see an updated collection of collars, leashes, harnesses, and an awesome tote (with a built-in leash) that’s seriously calling my name.

Found My Animal’s products are all US made, often from recycled, upcycled, or reclaimed materials (such as their black and white leashes made from 100% recycled PET). All their hardware is marine-grade, and each collar, harness, and leash boasts a numbered tag of brass or aluminum — signifying the uniqueness of each pet and allowing them to keep a tally of all the pets they and their customers have helped find homes.

Found’s web site even contains a gallery of adopted pets and their stories, encouraging others to give adopted animals a chance and discover what wonderful pets they become.

You can take a look at Found’s awesome collection here, and check their blog to learn about all the rescue and charity efforts in which they’ve participated.

Seriously — that bag up there. Want it.