As the fortunate dog-mommy of a sweet little dog who loves to dress up, this is a very exciting time of the year for me. Deciding what Miles is going to be for Halloween is just so much fun! This year, I knew without a doubt, when I came across this shark costume at Old Navy, I had found the winner. One of Miles’ defining features is his prominent, yet adorable, underbite. What’s cuter than a shark with a massive underbite? Not much. (Wouldn’t you agree?) So now that Miles and I are Halloween-ready, we thought we would share some of our favorite costumes with you.

For criminally cute pooches, this prisoner costume from Target might be your best bet. Every year, I see a dachshund dressed as a hot dog but I never grow tired of this classic costume. This one with a little bit of mustard, from Target, is my favorite. If you’re dog happens to be the heroic type, he or she might be proud to put on a police of firefighter uniform from Modern Tails.

Want to add a little culture to your Halloween evening? I can’t think of a better way than to dress up your doggie as a Mariachi or as a Calypso Queen (inspired by Carmen Miranda) from Bitch New York. Bitch New York has such a fantastic and vast selection of Halloween Costumes. I highly recommend checking them out. Last year, Miles and I had a lot of luck finding the perfect costume over at Muttropolis. This year’s costume collection is just as fabulous! The Corn Dog costume was one of my favorite picks for obvious reasons… I love a great pun! And, you can never go wrong with a simple, iconic Pumpkin.

Etsy is also a great source for handmade dog costumes. As someone who grew up playing Super Mario Brothers, these Mario and Luigi costumes from Young Urban Puppy caught my attention immediately. If you have a pair of best doggie friends, or brothers, this might be a fun way to go!

I love finding costumes that serve multiple functions. This Glow Bones Dog Skeleton costume from Amazon will cover several fright-night needs. Not only will your dog will look classically spooky, but he or she will stay warm on a brisk fall evening with this sweat-shirt fabric and remain in plain view as he or she glows in the dark!

Had Miles and I not decided to go with the shark costume, this Martha Stewart Mummy Dog Costume may have been the winner. I love how the sewn-on ribbons of fabric help to create a great wrapped-up mummy effect. Be sure to check out the rest of the Martha Stewart Halloween collectionicon over at Petsmart.

Perhaps some of the most adorable Halloween costumes I’ve seen this year can be found over at All-Mighty. Whether your dog is a Piggy, a Little Lamb, or a Penguin, there is no doubt your dog will look completely darling. Personally, I can’t resist those little bow ties.

Last but certainly not least, just in case you’ve ever wondered what a $300 Halloween Dog Costume looks like, here it is! This Queen of Hearts costume by Deni Alexander for Bitch New York is a costume masterpiece and that pug model could not look more regal. Whatever costume you choose this year, make sure you and your dog have a safe and Happy Halloween! Be sure to check out this article on the Dogster blog for 10 great tips on how to do just that.