Hamish McBeth designs and manufacturers a stunning line of drool-worthy leather dog collars. Their luxury collars and handcrafted leashes are designed to be elegant and timeless because Hamish McBeth believes that canine fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever. I happen to agree. My top pick would have to be this Savile Row leather collar that’s designed to reflect the skills of a great tailor. I can already picture how smart my dog would look in this!

I’m also quite impressed with the Martingale collar, which is a wonderfully designed and much kinder alternative to choke chains. Instead of an aggressive tug, this collar closes up slightly for a gentle reminder.

Hamish McBeth’s website is full of beautiful collars, and is definitely worth spending the time to click through their wide range of options. They even have a large selection of collars for big dogs, and they do a great job of providing choices for both doggy boys and girls.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out their line of ID tags. My dog has his eyes set on this Gold Dollar Bling tag. Yes, he’s flashy like that. We’re working on it.

UK readers can purchase directly from hamishmcbeth.net.