Every year since 2003, HeavenSent Bulldog Rescue holds their annual Bullyfest in Southern NJ, a festival dedicated to the mushy-faced, wrinkly, underbited, snoring, grunting, belching, farting and all-around lovable bulldog. The fest has been growing steadily every year and last year it was so big that this year it had to be held at a new location. It was this past weekend, and my husband and I went and brought the pups, as Lulu is an American Bulldog. Surprisingly, there was only one other AB there!

There were lots of people, and it was a beautiful day. The sun was hot! I was pretty excited because I got to pet lots of Frenchies!

There was a costume contest, and here are two of the winners:

Lion King

Richard Simmons

And, of course, there were puppies!

This dude cracked me up.

And this guy was the epitome of bulldog. I think he looks more like a bullfrog!

Lulu loves being outdoors, laying in the sun.

Bean and I also took a nice rest on the grass.

Overall, we had a nice time. It was great to get outside for the day!

If you are interested in adopting a bulldog from HeavenSent please visit their Adoptable Dogs page. You can also make a donation or help out here.