Editor’s note: Please welcome Christine E. Martinez of LAMA designs to Dog Milk! Christine (and her modern dog Miles) — an interior designer, blogger and dog-lover — will be a regular contributor to the site. You can learn more about Christine and Miles on our About page.

Hipsters. They’re so hot right now. Unhappy Hipsters, Hipster is the New Homeless, Stuff Hipsters Hate, etc. The long list of blogs celebrating hipster culture through humor seems to be growing at an exponential rate. In the sea of emerging hipster blogs, my personal favorite is the always hilarious Hipster Puppies. What’s cuter than a Ray-Ban wearing, Pabst Blue Ribbon sipping, Mad Men watching hipster pup? The answer? Not much. It’s no wonder that Hipster Puppies is in the process of becoming a soon to be released book! Inspired by one of my favorite daily reads, I put together a roundup of some great products to help your dog achieve this of-the-moment look. Check it out if you want to, I don’t really care. (Wow, that was so hipster of me).

From top left, clockwise: Black Skull Dog Bed by Snuggle Puppies; Green Plaid Feeder by Skate Dog Studios; Lucky Tattoo Tank by Michi Pet; Beefy Ale Bowser Non-Alcoholic Beerby Bowser Beer; Tattoo Dog Pet Costume from Buy Costumes; Leather Dog Collar-Millionaire from Calling All Dogs; Striped Skull Dog Hoodie by The Punky Pup.

From top left, clockwise: Organic Baby Rib Dog Tee by American Apparel; Salsa Verde Collar by Dublin Dog; Red Skull Pocket Fold Up Raincoat by Fab Dog; Dog Neckties Plaid from The Sassy Pup; Retro Tube Sock Plush Toy by Fab Dog.

From top left, clockwise: Combat Ritefit Harness by Puppia US; Lil Angel Dog Hoodie from The Sassy Pup; Sock Monkey Toy by Scottie Connection; Big Cat Hoodie from Olive; Alex Black Dog Carrier from Muttropolis.

Cute dog photos from Hipster Puppies.